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60 in 1 Conversion Kit For Arcade1Up Vertical Machines

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This is a complete kit to convert a VERTICAL Arcade1Up machine like Pac-Man or Galaga over to a 60 in 1 jamma based setup. This is a 90% compete kit. You will still need some odds and ends from your local hardware store. The LCD Driver is NOT packaged in the kit but is needed if you plan to use the factory A1U monitor! A lot replace the monitor so we took it out. The kit includes the following:

1. Three red happs style concave buttons
2. One white happs style player 1 / player 2 concave button
3. Jamma harness specifically made for 60 in 1 with only the required options for the conversion
4. Precut duel speaker panel with 2 holes for service and test buttons.
5. Two buttons for front panel (random colors sent)
6. Two 8 ohm speakers
7. One power supply
8. EMI Filter
9. 180 watt Amplifier
10. 60 in 1 PCB w/standoffs.
11. Classic Ball Top Joystick
12. Y Cable Splitter

Parts You Need But Are Not Included As They Are Pretty Common:
1. If you want to use our premade control deck you can get it HERE
2. LCD Driver, please verify your monitor is one of these part numbers: M170ETN01.1 M170ETN01.3 M190ETN01.0 Get driver HERE
3. Old pc power cable. Who does not have a drawer full of these things ;) If not get them HERE
4. 4 Foot Speaker Wire: HERE

5. Trackball: LED or WHITE
6. VGA Cable: HERE

7. EMI to Power Supply Cable: HERE
8. Small Pig Tail For 12V out At Power Supply: HERE

What else is needed
1. You will need 8 x #8 nuts and bolts for the speakers
2. 4 x #8 x 3/8 screws for joystick
3. 2 x #6 x 3/4 nut and bolt for the emi filter

See the install video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Adam Collyer
Definitely recommended!

I ordered this kit and it didn't disappoint. Follow the video and you won't have any issues. The video instructions explain everything start to finish. If you purchase the HDMI VGA DVI audio lcd driver board like I did because of a newer monitor, you just need to go to that video and follow the instructions. Just an FYI for Canadians purchasing this kit, you will pay duty so keep that in mind with the price. But I would definitely purchase again.

Brandon Holland
Love it❤️

I bought to make my own burger time arcade 1up cabinet and I love this kit so much we’ll pick Joystick and buttons I think this is a great price for what you are getting👍

Cory Powers
Most exceptional service I've had in years.

Bought this 60 in 1 conversion kit, plus the trackball (for Centipede) without knowing much about how to install it. Shane has been tremendously helpful and knowledgeable about my specific machine---correcting and replacing parts of my order before he even had it shipped to keep me from realizing too late I needed something other than what I thought I'd need. Buy from these guys. You won't regret it.

Martin Rose

Everything work okay but I wish I got the manual it wasn't in the package

Shawn Sorah
New to mods, but very happy with results

I have never done any mods and decided to mod my arcade 1up 40th anniversary Pac-Man. Shipping was good, all of the components were good quality however the piece that holds the speakers wasn't the right size so I had to take an 1" off of the height but no big deal. Everything else went together pretty smoothly. This cab has a BOE monitor and even though the info on the LCD converter said it wouldn't work with my display it did. All I had to do was adjust the screen position using the menu function. My son and I really enjoy all the different games and seemed to work as it should. The install video on this website was very helpful because I didn't even know how to connect the limit switches. Lastly the new deck I purchased with the trackball and graphics is really nice... And the plexiglass was cut so precisely you have to install your buttons through the plexi and it just looks very nice. If I mod another one up I will be looking here for my parts first!