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This is a complete kit to convert a VERTICAL Arcade1Up machine like Pac-Man or Galaga over to a 60 in 1 jamma based setup. This is a 90% compete kit. You will still need some odds and ends from your local hardware store. The LCD Driver is NOT packaged in the kit but is needed if you plan to use the factory A1U monitor! A lot replace the monitor so we took it out. The kit includes the following:

1. Three red happs style concave buttons
2. One white happs style player 1 / player 2 concave button
3. Jamma harness specifically made for 60 in 1 with only the required options for the conversion
4. Precut duel speaker panel with 2 holes for service and test buttons.
5. Two buttons for front panel (random colors sent)
6. Two 8 ohm speakers
7. One power supply
8. EMI Filter
9. 180 watt Amplifier
10. 60 in 1 PCB w/standoffs.
11. Classic Ball Top Joystick
12. Y Cable Splitter

Parts You Need But Are Not Included As They Are Pretty Common:
1. If you want to use our premade control deck you can get it HERE
2. LCD Driver, please verify your monitor is one of these part numbers: M170ETN01.1 M170ETN01.3 M190ETN01.0 Get driver HERE
3. Old pc power cable. Who does not have a drawer full of these things ;) If not get them HERE
4. 4 Foot Speaker Wire: HERE

5. Trackball: LED or WHITE
6. VGA Cable: HERE

7. EMI to Power Supply Cable: HERE
8. Small Pig Tail For 12V out At Power Supply: HERE

What else is needed
1. You will need 8 x #8 nuts and bolts for the speakers
2. 4 x #8 x 3/8 screws for joystick
3. 2 x #6 x 3/4 nut and bolt for the emi filter

See the install video:

Customer Reviews

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Top notch the whole way!!! Great upgrade.

Galaga into multicade

Great kit. Includes all the essentials. I used the stock screen so I also got the lcd driver kit. Everything went together perfectly. Came out great. The videos on installing the kits were great. Easy to follow.


The conversion kit came in a timely fashion only issue I have is that day microswitches would not included with the replacements week and defeat to the boards were not included but overall it was a decent product

Wonderful way to open up the A1Up 1st gen Pac Man

This kit was relatively easy to install, and took me about 3 hours (I was pacing myself, taking time to watch the installation video and get the wiring harness set up correctly the first time.). It really wasn’t that difficult at all.

The CPO was of top quality, and it was a real treat playing several of the classics I grew up with. The on board emulation of the iCade did cause some game’s sounds to glitch a little. While annoying, those games are still playable and are in the minority of titles. This really was a fun way to ‘open up’ the A1Up cabinet, without having to mess with software of any kind.

Great Upgrade for A1U

This is a great kit for upgrading your A1U cabinet and the DIY guys were extremely helpful with all my questions along the way.

Pros - Great support, great installation video and good quality parts
Cons - I think the Jamma harness wires were a little short. I couldn't mount the 60 in 1 on the side of the cabinet and have the harness reach it to plug it in. Instead, I installed another mounting board for the board and power supply.
Ideas - Trackball: I also purchased a trackball and modified the spot where the old speaker was located (lots of work with a router on the back side, so consider their pre-made board if you aren't up for this task). Trackball gets plugged into COM-4 on the 60 in 1 card. Be sure the wire is facing the back of the cabinet, otherwise the motions will be inverted. P1-P2 Buttons: I moved them to the spots where the original on/off and vol switches were located. Again, you have to router the back side just a little so the locking rings tighten correctly. Joystick: I had to change it to 4 way to make the common games like Pac Man play correctly. It is quite easy by rotating the guide ring on the back side after loosening the bolts. Amp: Not having a separate volume control is kind of a pain, so I mounted the amp as close to the back panel as I could and then cut a notch in the panel so the bass, treble and volume could be controlled. EMI power switch: I installed it high up on the right side of the back panel so it was easier to reach for on/off. Wire Covers: I picked up some cable covering at Harbor Freight and cleaned up the wiring.

Overall it was a great experience. It took me a little longer than I expected, but was a fun project for my son and I. Looking forward to our next build. Thanks again guys!

We had about 15 kits go out with the incorrect jamma. It was about 6 inches too short. It is for a countercade not the 3/4 scale. They got put in the incorrect bins. You did a great job correcting our mistake!