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12mm 0.110 Terminal Push Button 6 Colors Momentary

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$1.49 - $1.49
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Color: Red
  • 12mm Size button
  • Momentary - Does not stay pressed down once released
  • requires a 0.50" hole
  • 0.110 terminal size
  • 3A /125VAC 1.5A/250VAC

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Wieczorkowski
Very awesome

It has a nice springiness to it. A should have bought more. What a pleasure!

Robert Caro
These are very cool

I happen to love these little guys. I have purchased 2 sets at different times already.
These are great to use as function keys. If you use a raspberry pi you then most likely are using a encoder board. On these boards most will have turbo, auto, mode & clear slots. I use one on top of my cab connected to mode (home) slot. This is used to switch your cpo to analog from digital that is used by daphne while playing Dragons Lair, Space Ace & D.L.2. Also on my front panel i use red ones to use turbo for shooters like Galaga and another one to disable the turbo feature. They do not click or use switches so i would not consider using then for regular use. I will continue to use these from here on out and will be ordering a few more sets to keep onhand for other bilds.