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Vertical Arcade1Up Fully Assembled Drop In Wave1/2 Pandora Kit. Select Your Machine

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These are 100% drop in kits! All you will need to install is a LCD driver if using the factory A1U LCD! (sold separately)

The control deck and speaker panels are completely wired and all you need to do is plug them into the Pandora with the provided harness.

**KIT NOTES**  These control decks do not have spots for coin. You will need to set the pandora into "free" game mode.

Kits Includes
1. Completed CPO Fully Assembled
2. J Panel With Speakers Installed
3. Pandoras Box Family Board (Info Here)
4. Easy family install kit w/12 Inch Harness
5. 2 x Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
6. 2 x Black Bat Top
7. 6 Buttons (4 Red 2 White)
8. 5.0A Power Supply
9.  US Power Cord (3 Feet)
10. 2 Way Splitter
11. HDMI Cable (3 feet)
12. PCB Feet
13. Power Switch
14. Extension Cable (3 feet)
15. 1 x 0.187 jumper wire for power switch
16. 6 x 0.110 jumper wire for buttons
17. 2 x 4" Speakers

See Install Video Below