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Pandoras Box Saga 516 in 1 Vertical + 3000 in 1 Horizontal All In One Family Board

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Check out the new all in 1 family version Pandora! This board allows for both horizontal and vertical game play making it the most versatile board ever!


    • Up to 5000 additional games can be added threw U Disk (Horizontal Only Tested so Far).
    • Support 3d games
    • Support add FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/SNES/FC.Mega Drive game
    • Support 3P/4P games
    • Resolution:1280*720p/   640*480p
    • Pause function:free mode and coin mode can be pause
    • High score record
    • Add scan line function
    • Languge switch: English/ Korean/ Spanish
    • USB interface(use U disk to add games)
    • Game classification function
    • Start movie switch function
    • Continuous shooting function
    • HDMI VGA ouptut(when HDMI & VGA are insert at the same time, only HDMI single is output)
    • To swap from horizontal to vertical or vise versa, simply hold the "B" button down once the board loads to the main game selection screen.
    • Offers these modes: Upright or Cocktail.
    • Bare Board, you will need to purchase the family harness separately.

For 4 Player Functions add the GAME PAD CONVERTER

    Customer Reviews

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    Exactly as expected

    While I can "put a pi in it", Pandoras are much better (to me anyway) when you don't care about customization and just want to power it on and play.
    I've been looking for a family edition vertical Pandora's Box for a while, so glad DIY offered these. The smaller board fit perfectly in my countercade.

    It even detected the USB converter I had, so no harness was needed.

    I've noticed some of the games need button combinations to start since the Pandora Saga doesn't really know what a 1p button is, Galaga uses (Start+A) for example. It even flashes it on the screen when the game boots.
    While I've mostly used the vertical mode and the games run fine, I've played a few horizontal games and they seem to run good as well.
    The startup video is great too! It is simple, but really brings the room together. :)

    The only suggestion I would make is to backup the SD card to an img before you do anything. Not a ding against DIY's offering, just SD cards in general.

    I've been ordering from diyretroarcade for years, many communications through messenger, and always have a top notch experience.