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The Couch Potato Sinden Light Gun + Console PC Bundle, Make Your TV Better

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Step up your TV gaming experience with The Couch Potato Light Gun + Console Bundle! (5900+ Game) With Sinden Light Guns, pre configured Mini PC with light gun and console games, game controllers, this bundle has it all. Immerse yourself in retro nostalgia with our preloaded Batocera V38. Upgrade your TV and become a true couch potato!

Included Items:
1 x Uses The Couch Potato Drive (?)

1 x Red Sinden Non Recoil Light Gun (?)
1 x Blue Sinden Non Recoil Light Gun (?)
1 x Mini PC w/Power Supply (?)
1 x Display Cable (?)
2 x Wireless PS 2 Style Controller (?)
1 x Mini Keyboard (?)

Mini PC Specs, Assorted Brands Will Be Sent All Will Have At Least The Below Sepcs:

All PC Are 100% Refurbished and Fully Tested
I5 6th Gen Intel Processor or higher

Will play all arcade systems and up to PS2 at full speed, PS3 is hit or miss. Depends on the processor you get, so do not expect more then PS2 and if it does play PS3 its a bonus.
8GB Ram
512 NVME or SSD
Included Drive: Couch Potato

4 x USB Ports
1 x 3.5mm Audio Port
1 x Display Port

These kits are prepackaged, sinden gun colors cannot be changed and we are only offering non recoil at this time for the kits.