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Sinden Light Gun Recoil and Non Recoil Models

Original price $140.99 - Original price $200.99
Original price
$140.99 - $200.99
Current price $140.99

If you order 2 guns we will send a player 1 and player 2 guns on different camera ids so setup will be a snap!

Experience unparalleled accuracy and convenience with the Sinden Light Gun. Unlike traditional light guns, our product utilizes the television light to provide precise gameplay without the need for additional hardware. With no need for re-calibration, you'll stay on target regardless of your position or angle.

This recoil model features a hefty solenoid for an impactful recoil experience during gameplay. It also boasts an advanced circuit that can be powered solely by the computer's USB, eliminating the need for external power but still delivering a strong kick.

Need a gun holster? We offer those HERE

We now offer a plug and play Batocera drive. Preloaded with 200+ Light gun games ready to go with Sinden light guns!

Color: Red