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Drop In Street Fighter LED Marquee Plug and Play Kit for Arcade1Up Version 2

Original price $79.99 - Original price $79.99
Original price
$79.99 - $79.99
Current price $79.99
  • Arcade1Up LED Marquee
  • No Light Leaks
  • 6000 Cool White LED Strip
  • Printed On Professional Quality Eco Solvent Backlit Film
  • Ship Time Is 2-4 Days Due To Dry Time Of The Backlit File.
  • Tested on Wave1/2/3 Cabaret & Legacy Machines.
  • Direct Replacement of the Factory Arcade1Up Marque. Plug and Play.
  • Outer Frame is 3d Printed.***

Items Included
1 x drop in fully assembled marquee ready to install
2 x bolts to attach to machine
1 x Power Switch Hack (See details)

***Understand that 3d printing does not produce a perfect item. You will have print lines and seam lines. The area of the frame that is not visible is not finished. The part that is visible is sanded and we fill the seams the best we can. The plexi and the actual marquee is what is 95% of the view and it will be absolutely perfect.

Video Showcase

How To Install:
1. Install the Arcade1Up Power Switch Hack <CLICK HERE>
2. Plug the included extension into the back of the marquee
3. Plug extension to the Arcade1Up Power Switch Hack splitter.
4. Enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J Hebert
GREAT Simple, Ingenious Upgrade!

This mod was extremely easy to install and gave my Arcade1Up cabs some much needed pop! Watch the video and follow every step. You will need tools and drill're modding, so you should have that stuff anyway! The only caveats were the adhesive to stick the marquee to the black border were a little small and that the light is -bright-. It's not too bright but it's certainly brighter than my classic arcade cabinets. I would recommend the LED dimmer sold in this site if you're unsure of the brightness level. The picture I posted shows the difference between the aftermarket marquees bought there and the pre-installed A1U backlit marquee on the Star Wars cab.

Highly recommended! Now just get me a kit for the countercades! :)

Simple cost effective solution

There is no solid framing, but tape works and hides pretty good. LED lights are super bright, so getting an optional dimmer is a must. Only cosmetic downfall is the light only emits through center of the marquee, leaving edges unlit, but is passable. Can't really complain at given cost. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.

Shane Hill
Just Ok

I got a Street Fighter and Pacman Lit Marquee KIT ( these are kits, there is total assembly required). Putting them together was easy but leaves so much room for error.
After done, my observations are;

1) Marquee print and plexi dont sit flush on the back frame , creating wierd shadows, I tried to adjust but now the Plastic that you stick on the top and bottom of the marquee has lost its stickyness and the plexi just bows in places, somehow I adjusted the Pacman marquee and it looks better than the SF2 one. I think I may add a border around the inside to hide the wierd shadow effect.
2) They are BRIGHT...needs a dimmer....they sell seperately, GET IT!
3) Warning to Canadian buyers:::: I had to pay another $50 in import fees, which at the end of the day, the marquees cost me over $100 each!!

So, I installed them , and , they are just ok, need the dimmer and the wierd shadows on the SF2 marquee kinda sucks

John Davidson

Nice product, make sure you keep the wire feed out of sight or you can see their shadow behind the led

Brandon Higgs
looks amazing

so happy with the purchase. zero light bleed or light hit spots. very good quality. highly recommend the wireless dimmer as well