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Arcade1Up Power Switch Hack Used To Control LED Buttons & More

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Some machines have a 3 wire power switch. Verify before purchase. If yours has 3 this kit will of course not work. We do not have a 3 wire setup
    • Allows you to power a 12v item such as a marquee, led buttons etc. off of the arcade1up power switch.
    • Includes the harness, 2 way splitter
    • If installing into a 3/4 scale you need a EXTENSION
    • Plug and play

Install Video:

Customer Reviews

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Manuel Morin
Killer Instinct Mod

These will not work with your KI stock cab. Will need to purchase kill switch mod. Excellent troubleshooting via chat to come to this conclusion. Correct part was sent to me at no cost! Would recommend this company to anyone looking to mod there stock Arcade1up cabs!