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Skinned Centipede Replacement 60 In 1 Control Deck for Arcade1Up With Trackball Mount

SKU A1U-E-Centipede-TB-01

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    • Direct replacement for Arcade1Up machines
    • Made from baltic birch
    • This is a paint grade wood
    • Vinyl also sticks well to this.
    • Please allow 2-4 business days to ship as these are made when ordered
    • Includes a 2.25" trackball mount that works with these (sold separately): White Trackball | LED Trackball

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Customer Reviews

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Great finishing touch on my 60-1 centipede cabinet!!!

David McAfee
Awesome craftsmanship

It was a nice experience putti g a kit together that was well thought out the only downfalls I found I. The upgrade were so e if the ground wires were to short to reach the controls it took some extra ti e to get those I stalled neatly and not u set tension having a pre made daisychaun of grounds was with good I tention but you end up with a few connection prongs dangling unused that could possible be a problem down the road the video card upgrade was nice that I also purchased buti didn't see how original card could of been used as stated I. Descriptions of I stall but I might off reS that wrong over all it's a super way to go I did this for my wife who loves the simpler games if first gen arcaeds were both seniors and she doesn't see. To be easily adapted to modern compuyi g as I was but over all it's great and affordable now I did at first upgrade my original control board to fit the upgraded controls buttons and joystick I purchased but truth be td the weren't a neccesary purchase I could of easy adOted all the old ones to new mother board I wAs glad I purchased new track ball I tried to mod the original but it's 3 wires and the upgraded board needed the new 5 wire trackball and it saved slot if hassle especially if your not electronic savy enough to adapt the old one to work I didn't have the problem s if chipped old control board when I used a hole saw drill bit to make my joy stick opening for our centipede arcade I just placed tape in both sides of boards and slowly drilled thru it my new added joy stick did have to go on the far right tho Wich made. Game play awkward for anyone who couldn't use there right hand to work the new hoy stick like my wife did so I ordered the new centipede board dyi produces after the fact and switched it all over Wich simplified addding the new design track ball wi h is way way better then stock if it wasn't for the fact my wife couldn't ever navigate the big dog upgrade to 750 games I would if chose that upgrade over 60 to 1 but if you needed to stay simple it's easy to navigate I could see were over time these upgrades will end up flawless with tips and tricks also dished out on easy mods to stock equipment bringing cost down I did he honestly like the stock joysticks on my other arcade 1 ups better tho the new one make very loud clicking noises but I'm hoping that will wear away with use I've time ty dyi you have come up with a good way to go and the new control board is way more attractive and better planed out in design and I've all looks then stock


Exactly what I needed. Used raspberry pi, and loaded all trackball games plus vertical screen games with 4-way joystick (Pac Man, DK, etc). Very pleased with results.

K Staller
Excellent deck for Arcade SD Jamma conversion

This deck not only works well with the iCade 60-in-1, but also is perfect for the Phoenix Arcade "ArcadeSD" jamma upgrade. All of the games on it (perfectly emulated) require no more than three buttons and the trackball mount is a must for Arkanoid and other games that the joystick alone cannot make precision movement. Mar-proof surface that holds up to long hours of play.