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Drop In Mortal Kombat II LED Marquee Plug and Play Kit for Arcade1Up Version 2

Original price $79.99 - Original price $79.99
Original price
$79.99 - $79.99
Current price $79.99
  • Arcade1Up LED Marquee
  • No Light Leaks
  • 6000 Cool White LED Strip
  • Printed On Professional Quality Eco Solvent Backlit Film
  • Ship Time Is 2-4 Days Due To Dry Time Of The Backlit File.
  • Tested on Wave1/2/3 Cabaret & Legacy Machines.
  • Direct Replacement of the Factory Arcade1Up Marque. Plug and Play.
  • Outer Frame is 3d Printed.***

Items Included
1 x drop in fully assembled marquee ready to install
2 x bolts to attach to machine
1 x Power Switch Hack (See details)

***Understand that 3d printing does not produce a perfect item. You will have print lines and seam lines. The area of the frame that is not visible is not finished. The part that is visible is sanded and we fill the seams the best we can. The plexi and the actual marquee is what is 95% of the view and it will be absolutely perfect.

Video Showcase

How To Install:
1. Install the Arcade1Up Power Switch Hack <CLICK HERE>
2. Plug the included extension into the back of the marquee
3. Plug extension to the Arcade1Up Power Switch Hack splitter.
4. Enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Allen P.
Buy it !!!

Perfect!!! I Have version 1.The second version is better for your eyes. Dimmer light. I will be ordering more.

Good upgrade!

I don’t think I was sent the right marquee. None of the holes aligned properly. I have the MK with speakers facing downwards so the marquee did not go rearward enough to use existing holes as speakers are in the way. I explained to Shane via email what particular model/ speaker setup I have🤷🏽‍♂️had to Mickey Mouse my instillation with double sided Velcro tape. Looks good. I’m pretty much a carpenter/electrician now.

Mark McBride
Be sure to purchase a switch and remove your existing marquee before installation!

First, I recommend you buy the switch to turn it on and off because if you don’t, the only way to turn the marquee off will be to unplug the unit every time but DIYretroarcade does sell the switch so do yourself a favor and buy it!

In order for your installation to look great I highly recommend you remove your entire existing marquee first before applying all the adhesive material needed to make look great first. Drill your hole first to see where your wire will fit before removing the existing marquee then once that’s done, remove your marquee.

I’m a graphic designer so I used a graphics
squeegee to apply the reflective coating so it came out great. Then apply the rest as instructed. You want to make sure your LED light strip is fully stuck inside the marquee black edge that they give you or otherwise they may come loose and hang down where once the light is on, you can see it and the only way to fix it will be to take it apart which is a hassle not to mention sticky! I learned the hard way with my Marvel Super Heroes but I manage to fix it. My MK II unite came out far better.

Finally take your time in applying the adhesive strips for the top and bottom of the marquee. It will look like it naturally belongs there if you do it right. Overall I am happy and the game units don look way better!

Very pleased.

Light marquee was easy to install. Just watch the video once and you're good to go! Along with the LED button replacements, I am very happy with the look of my MK 2 cab!

Easy to install!

Installed the light ups buttons with the marquee today: it looks amazing! Take the look of you're arcade1up to another level. Buttons works great too! The in line switch to turn everything on or off is a really nice addition too.