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Mortal Kombat II Cosmic LED Marquee Plug and Play Kit for Arcade1Up

Original price $54.99 - Original price $54.99
Original price
$54.99 - $54.99
Current price $54.99
What Color Top/Bottom Cap?: Black

  • Arcade1Up LED Marquee
  • No Light Leaks
  • 6000 Cool White LED Strip
  • Printed On Professional Quality Eco Solvent Backlit Film
  • Ship Time Is 2-4 Days Due To Dry Time Of The Backlit File. Once We See What Sales We Will Print Stock Ahead Of Time To Speed Up Shipment.

Tools Required For Install:
1. Phillips Head Screw Driver
2. 1/4 drill bit
3. 3/32 drill bit
4. drill

Install Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rudy Rosas
Led didn't work

The marquee looked great but when I put it all together the led strip didn't work. So I'm basically left with what I started with an unlit marquee sign. I followed the instructions on the video from the site step by step and nothing... Basically wasted my money right there.

When you contacted support you also stated that you cut the LED strip trying to shorten it, if they are not cut in the correct spot it will make them not work. They have to be cut at the cut marks or it shorts them out. Every LED strip is 100% tested before it leaves as we have to solder them up so we verify them to work.

Dylan Bess
The best marquee I've seen

Looks amazing in person. I chose this kind of marquee because I was worried that the other marquees from different sellers would have the artwork looking "faded" or "worn out". This marquee is amazing at keeping it lit up while keeping a really high-quality image. The marquee is very bright, and I had to turn down some brightness on my camera to fully capture the marquee (which is why the monitor looks darker than usual). Some people might feel it's too bright so I would recommend getting the light dimmer that is sold on this site. However, I am personally perfectly fine with the amount of brightness on the marquee and I think it gives it the perfect cosmic look that I was looking for. It fully lights up the marquee and it looks very amazing. It feels way more professionally done than the old marquee, and I 100% recommend getting it for those interested.

John B

I purchased all the pieces, marquee, led buttons kit, Sanwa Joysticks, and in-line switch. All were easy to install, I LOVE the finished product.

Matthew Tucker
Cosmic MK marquee

Looks amazing. This is my 4th from DIY and by far my favorite with the cosmo background.


fantastic item, money well spent!!