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256GB Batocera V38 Plug and Play All Killer and No Filler 1350+ Games Pre Built Custom Drive

Original price $49.99 - Original price $64.99
Original price
$49.99 - $64.99
Current price $64.99

Unlock endless gaming possibilities with the 256GB Batocera V38 Plug and Play Drive! Take your gaming experience to the next level with our customized image, compatible with Sinden Light Guns and jam-packed with all the arcade action you could dream of. Say goodbye to filler games and hello to endless entertainment.


- You supply the PC. The better the specs of the PC the better the performance
- Onboard Graphics Card Will Work
- This Is Geared Towards Upright Arcade Machines, There Are Only a Hand Full Of Console Games and They Are All Light Gun.
- You Will Need a Keyboard Hooked In The PC or a Game Pad to Navigate.
- Preloaded with Batocera V38
- Light Gun and Arcade. 200 Light Gun and 1150 Arcade.
- No duplicates
- Any Non English Game That has Selections Have Been Removed
- Setup for Sinden Light Guns, Will Work For One or Two Players
- Assorted Brands Will Be Used.
- Basic Setup and Help Can be found HERE