Xin Mo Arcade to USB Controller Interface 2 Player MAME Multicade Keyboard Encoder

DIY Retro Arcade

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1.Works on PC, PS3, Linux, MAC, Android, Raspberry PI.
2.Compatible with Win8/Win7/Vista/XP/2000/98, Linux, MAC OS, Android, Raspberry Pi, PS3 and other operation system, do not need to drive, plug and play.
3.Suitable for all kinds of fighting arcade game.
4.Can be connected with all kinds of mechanical and electronic coin device, also can connect illuminated push button.
5.When used in PS3, there is no PS button and Turbo button.
6.P0 support 10 button + 1 joystick, P1 support 12 button +1 joystick.

Package include:
1 x Arcade to USB Controller Adapter 2 Player
7 x 4 wired .187 Quick connects for Signal inputs
1 x 2 wired .187 Quick connect for Signal inputs
2 x Ground Daisy Chains with 16 wired .187 Quick connects.
1 x High Speed 9 ft. USB cord