Speaker Grill Panel For Arcade1Up For Two 4 Inch Speakers With 2 Extra Holes

DIY Retro Arcade

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This is a drop in panel that replaces the factory Arcade1up front panel below the control deck. This allows for a easy install of two 4" speakers.

Customer supplied:
You will need 8 x 3/4" #8 bolts with nuts to secure your speakers

Customer Reviews

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Doesn’t match cabinet

Piece fits fine but has a Matt finish vs the sheen finish on the rest of the cabinet.

These have had a semi gloss finish since July 2020, it is not matte for sure.

Enhances Arcade1Up to a New Level

Love the speaker panel assembly with extra buttons. My coin buttons are there now and the speakers give it double the volume from before. My only wish is that it came with screws for the speakers (I ordered mine with speakers) or a speaker cover for the front (the wooden slats are not painted on the inside). It would really give it that final look, but I got what I ordered and am very happy!

Great item for modding

This is the second j panel I have bought and they look and work great for modding.

great panel!

Loving it! Only gripe I have is the holes being plain wood, but really? It's a non issue.

Excellent panel to relocate speakers and provide coin/test buttons.

Upgrading my fourth 1up system and this panel is a must to provide stereo speaker mounting points after upgrading the control deck board. Yes, you do have to occasionally trim these, but it is due to the variability of the 1up arcade cabinets. When transferring this panel from my Space invaders to Centipede cabinet, I found that the Centipede had a larger J panel opening. My trimmed speaker panel from Space Invaders was too short and loose in the Centipede cabinet, so I had to move the buttons and speakers between the two panels. If it is too long from Diyretroarcade, don't blame them. You might have a "Centipede" type cabinet that will need that extra 1/8 of an inch length on the J panel.