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Speaker Grill Panel For Arcade1Up For Two 4 Inch Speakers

Original price $15.99 - Original price $21.99
Original price
$15.99 - $21.99
Current price $15.99
Add Two 4 Inch Speakers: No, I got Speakers

This is a drop in panel that replaces the factory Arcade1up front panel below the control deck. This allows for a easy install of two 4" speakers. This is cut 18.1" x 7.1". Verify the size! There are more then one size panel.

Customer supplied:
You will need 8 x 3/4" #8 bolts with nuts to secure your speakers

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Kendall sr
Great speaker board

I have 3 of these they are well made and perfect size speaker holes line up perfect and the price is right on for the speaker board.

Brian H

Bought this to upgrade my 1up cabinet. nice to have stereo sound with my games.

Law Dog 102
Model is important

Great product. However, power of observation is key. I failed to notice the size difference between the regular 2 player vs 4 player arcade1up cabinets. I got it for TMNT and had to cut it to size. Past that I recommend this if you want some simple mods. I just added a ridiculous 8in Soar bass with two extra speakers supplied from here. I could have went more but I t may shake the cabinet apart 😂😂😂.

Blaine Hughes
MK Arcade1Up Upgrade

My biggest gripe with the Mortal Kombat cabinet was the single, sad little speaker in the corner of the control deck, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to fix it. This panel, a couple car speakers off Amazon, and one potentiometer later, I now have much more satisfying audio, even if it's technically not real stereo.

craig james harlow
Speaker panel

Great communication and help with purchasing a new speaker set and panel. The panel was a little to long but I know different arcade 1up machines were made a little differently so I just had to make a small cut on either side to fit my rampage machine. Speaker and panel fit great now .