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Skinned Sega Genesis Replacement Control Deck for Arcade1Up

Original price $62.99 - Original price $62.99
Original price
$62.99 - $62.99
Current price $62.99
What color T Mold?: Add Baby Blue T Mold

    • Direct replacement for Arcade1Up machines
    • Made from baltic birch
    • Includes t Molding Color Choice
    • Includes Heavy Duty 10mil Polycarbonate. No Plexiglass is needed
    • All Panels are custom made. Please allow 1-4 business days to complete and ship

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Looks good, but some adjustment required.

If you like this cpo and need a new control panel anyway this is the way to go, otherwise I would probably just look into designing your own overlay and having it printed.

- It arrived very well packaged.
- Seems to be assembled from quality components.

- On my particular unit the holes for the mounting screws were off slightly and needed to be enlarged to line up with my cabinet.
- The T-molding was installed so that it rises above the deck. I'm not sure that it will ever be a problem, but it is high enough to catch your attention both visibly and when your hands are resting on the deck. It would be nice to have the molding flush.
- In the end it was obviously worth $60 to me because I paid for it, and that is probably where it needs to be priced in order to turn a reasonable profit, but as a consumer $50 seems like a better fit.

In spite of my minor concerns above, I am still happy with my purchase.