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Sega Saturn Black All in One Cartridge w Pseudo Saturn Kai (v 6.483)

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Black All in One Pseudo Kai Version 6.483 Pseudo Saturn is a program that allows you to play backups and makes your Saturn region free. No more "swap trick" and no more tampering with your console in any way. Just insert this cartridge and you're ready to go.

When the cart is inserted a simple screen will appear and an automatic launch button. After choosing auto launch any disc in the console will start right up.

This cartridge improves on game compatibility to all previous carts.

Includes switch to swap between memory card, 1m and 4m functions.

- Play Sega Saturn games from any region, including backups!
- 8m Memory Card Function
- Play games that require extra RAM
- Built-in cheat codes
- Image selection menu for Rhea/Phoebe ODE's
- In-game system reset with A+B+C+Start key combination