Power Wiring Harness Up To 18 Arcade Led Lighted Buttons w/ 5.5x2.1mm Barrel Connector 2.8mm (0.110") Connectors

DIY Retro Arcade

SKU: Arcade-114

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  • 5.5x2.1mm Barrel connector for quick connection to a 12v PC power supply (or remove to wire manually to hook to arcade power supply)
  • 2 wires with 18 daisy-chained insulated .110" connectors each. (fits sanwa style size connectors)
  • Connect up to 18 LED buttons
  • 18 Black Wires / 18 Red Wires
  • Spacing Is Approximately 5" Apart, Approximately 8 Foot Over All Length


Customer Reviews

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Needed for LED buttons

Don’t forget to order this harness for your arcade LED buttons. The positive and negative wires are in a daisy chain and snap on the terminals and piggy back off one another. Then it gets connected to the power supply to light them up. Works great! *Dont forget to also order a toggle switch to power down the LED buttons or they will stay lit even when shutting down the arcade.

It works great

It work great and it help a lot with the splitter power cable

Easy and saves a lot of time

On my last project, I ran individual wires and soldered, getting my LED buttons lit. I won't do that again.

This was super easy, so fast, and I love the clear plastic sleeves (not sure what they're called) that help keep them securely attached to the buttons. I will use these going forward. Well worth the cost.

The only negative is you do have to kind of plan out how you will hit all of your buttons with this, since it's a daisy chain. I was able to hook up 16 buttons with this, but not the full 20, due to spacing/placement. That's fine, still worth it, and I could probably run wire from the unused connectors to my more distant buttons if I decide to.

Happy with my selection

Work great

Great Time Saver

Could you make your own wiring harness?...Yes. Do you really want to?....Probably not. Do your self a favor and pick up this complete harness and save yourself some valuable time!