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Plug and Play Joystick Harness Compatible With Sanwa Style Joystick & Arcade1Up (Single)

Original price $4.49 - Original price $4.69
Original price
$4.49 - $4.69
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What Version Encoder Does Your Arcade1Up Have?: Wave 1/2 Double 4 Pin (12 Inches)

There are 2 different 4 pin cables for these joysticks. Please look at the images below and determine which cable you need.

1.Double 4 Pin Wave 1/2 will have two 4 pin cables + a 40 pin IDE connection
2. On Costco and some wave 3 we have see the double 4 pin + a 12 pin connection

Can we answer what you have? Yes send us a pic if you do not understand. Can we tell you without a pic because you bought it from a certain store? No. A1U seems to just install stuff at random :/


This cable witll connect to a sanwa style joystick and to Arcade1Up board. This makes a plug and play solution for joystick replacement.

Your joysticks MUST be mounted and turned EXACTLY as picured for these to be be plug and play. Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Yoshi Kobayashi

I was upgrading my Galaga cab and needed a 4 way joystick. I got the Sanwa and was ready to hook it up when I realized that the included harness was not setup to plug into my cab. So I started looking around for connectors and when I started pricing them out. I found they came in large bulk packs costing about $8 each. When I found that DIY Retro Arcade was selling these for less than $5 this was a no brainer. I ordered the cable, they even helped me pick the right one and sent me updates on where the package was in transit. Excellent pricing, excellent service, excellent value plus helping a small business within our community. If you're doing an upgrade and installing a Sanwa stick and need a harness for an A1UP. This is the way to go!

Raul Ramirez
Easy install

I ordered a sanwa joystick and a wire harness for my 1up mrs pack man. I didn’t realize it but I ordered the wrong wire harness. After I tried the joy stick and it didn’t work. I emailed tech support and sent them a picture of my mrs pack man board. The tech person instructed me on what harness to order. I ordered the proper wire harness online for just under five dollars. It was a very easy install. Joystick is ten times better then stock. If you are not sure what harness you need with sanwa joystick take a picture of your game board and email it to them.

Ruben Fuentes III
I was hoping for the best got the worst

Extremely easy to connect.

So I already had a Sanwa Joystick I just needed the wires. The ones I got even though they are connected properly going forward moves you backwards, and vise versa. Up and down works fine. But it’s just front and back that doesn’t work. Then I tried connecting them in the opposite connectors but that made it worse. So I did it right. I just don’t know what’s wrong.

Also shipping was a nightmare. I’m not going to blame them for USPS mistake. Took two weeks to get. The package was shipped from Texas(I also live in Texas), then sent to San Antonio (2hrs away from me) which is fine but then sent to California, then back San Antonio then to Dallas then San Antonio and finally to me.

This is not hooked up correctly is why it does not work. Feel free to contact support if you need help or re read the sales page, its fairly detailed.

Louis Dominquez
I used to have an extra Sanwa joystick

One of my stock joysticks failed on my arcade 1up and I saw how quick it was to replace with a Sanwa. All I needed was this harness to connect the Sanwa to the 1up encoder.

Quick harness installation, I definitely want to add more Sanwa joysticks to my 1ups.
Thanks, yall.


Great products! Very happy with these plug and play buttons sticks and wires