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Pandoras Box King Of Air 2 Full Install Kit For Arcade1Up Vertical Machines

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Kit Includes:

1. Pandoras Box King Of Air 2 (Details Here)
2. 3/4 Length Jamma Hanress Labeled For Pandora (0.110 button connection + sanwa 5 pin connection)
3. One Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
4. One Black Bat Tops
5. 7 Buttons (Details Here)
6. EMI Filter
7. Two 3 or 4 Inch Speakers
8. 16A Power Supply
9. US Power Cord
10. Power Cord From Power Supply To EMI FIlter
11. LCD Driver 12V Pig Tails
12. HDMI Cable

There are some 2 player head to head games on this unit but most are turn based. If you want to play head to head games you will need to add

1 x Sanwa Joystick
4 x Buttons


Typical Setups:

2 Player Head to Head (not many are like this) + 1 Player Turn Based (these use player 1 joystick still. Only head to head games will use the 2nd joystick and buttons!

2 x joysticks
11 x buttons (4 action per player + 2 x player select & 1x coin)

For 2 Play Turn Based (most games are this!!)

1 x joystick
7 x buttons (4 action + 2 x player select & 1x coin) Both Players share Player 1 joystick.


What Else Is Needed?

LCD Driver If Using Factory LCD: HERE (fits all A1U 17" LCD will not work on the 16.7")

For Wave1/2/3 machines you will need a J panel to mount the speakers. See HERE

For Cabaret machine you will not need a speaker panel, please reuse the factory one and select the cabaret option as we will need to send a 3" speaker vs 4"

For Legacy machines we do not have a speaker panel as of this time.

Screws you may need but not included:
8x #8 x 3/4 nuts and bolts (for speakers)
9x #8 x 3/8 screw (for power supply, game board and joysticks)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pandoras Box King Of Air 2 Full Install Kit

I upgraded an old Gallaga 1up. As promised, it works great; I'm thrilled with the final results. It was effortless to install, but some technical skills are helpful. Shane is excellent if you need help. I felt like I was their only customer. Responded too fast to every question.

Gregory Barbuto
Unresolved issues

Kit was complete, love the games. Installation would be easier with written instructions would be helpful instead of video. Can't access sound controls, system configuration setting without going inside machine. Got to go to the rear of machine to power off. All very inconvenient. Also, no parts for illuminating marquee (retrofitted Frogger Arcade 1UP). Joystick does not work with Player 2 on some games, not all. Had to flip monitor due to LCD board showing image upside down, horizontal alignment unresolved and have to get another board. Shane was very responsive through troubleshooting process even though the above issues are still unresolved.

You posted the review the same time you asked about the above issues.
1. the volume on the unit is fairly stable, most games stay consistent. If you need a external volume adjustment easiest way is to add a external amp and mount to the top or back of the unit.

2. we have no idea what machine you are installing this on, not all machines have a light up marquee. You can easily connect any factory 12v or 5v accessories using splitters and pigtails. Easily done.

3. Swapping to a different rom will correct this.

4. You will have to physically rotate the lcd on most A1U units. Pandora does not have a automatic rotate sadly.

Thank you for your business!

Aaron Holst
Pandora's Box KOA2 kit review

As advertised. Installed a week-or-so ago and did so in minutes. No issues so far. FYI, you will need a power amp to run your audio properly. You'll also need a spinner (for a healthy number of the titles) and a trackball for few other games. Out of the total of 524 games loaded on this thing, there are many wonderful titles. The emulator runs some things a little choppy - especially the Bally-Midway titles like Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Super Pac Man, etc. There are hundreds of Japanese variations of the 194X series on this unit, as well. Gets a little old. The Russian softcore porn games are ridiculous (nudes via Qix). Default the porn crap is turned off and I recommend just leaving them that way.
All in all, it's a nifty little set-up and I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick mod to a vertical-format A1Up cab. Just remember that there a re few things beyond screws that you'll need so to make the thing complete.

Melinda Loughran
I love this!

I installed this a few weeks ago, I love it! It's so nice to have all these vertical games (I think it has something like 550, and there are more but you have to unlock them). The kit was perfect and had everything I needed. Of course Shane answered all my questions. Highly recommend