Octagonal Restrictor Gate Replaces Sanwa Denshi JLF GT-Y

DIY Retro Arcade

SKU: Arcade-127

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  • Replaces Sanwa Part Number:GT-Y
  • This GT-Y plate is compatible with the Sanwa JLF series joysticks:
  • JLF-TP-8YT(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8Y(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8S(-SK)
  • JLF-TM-8(-SK)
  • Quarter-circle, half-circle and full 360

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
works for me

I've tried the default square gate and a circle gate and all I can say is that the octagonal gate was the best fit for me. Made all of the capcom fighters so much more responsive.

Octagonal gates

Fantastic!!! I couldn’t compete with even the first attack under novice on mortal combat. Replaced square gates and installed 4 lb springs and it plays like I remember from the arcades!


Terrible. Mortal Kombat works better with the square gates. This makes your player unresponsive when trying to back away or jump backwards.

This are manufactured and sold to fit a JLF sanwa which the A1U for sure does not come with so there is no surprise it did not function as it should as it does not fit it.

Happy customer

Totally changed the the game play on my arcade. Can feel the difference. More control on the joystick. Precisely what I was looking for.

wickedly hard to remove

I don't believe these to be actually sanwa parts. They are reproductions for some reason. They are wickedly difficult to remove compared to the original. I don't know why that is but the tolerances on it must be ever so slightly off. They do not come with the logos as show in picture. I removed the inserts and put back into my original gate. The inserts are not molded but 3d printed.

They do however snap in and work. Removing them compared to the original factory gate however is extremely difficult. I don't know where you would actually buy original parts of these.

These are not sold as official sanwa gates, The Sanwa joysticks we sell are original but gates, balls, bat tops are all a 3rd party.