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Easy LED Install Kit for Buttons with Power Switch Plug and Play Arcade and Arcade1up

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Our easy LED install kit makes hooking up LED buttons a snap!

Kit Includes:
1 x PCB
1 x Power Switch w/ JST Connection (assorted colors, no way to pick color, pre packaged.
4 x PCB Feet

For encoder wires see
0.187 Cable End
0.110 Cable End
0.250 Cable End

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marco Zito
Just what I wanted!

Great item, solved my problem. Love it. Just what I needed to light up my arcade buttons. Will buy again.

Justin Ward

I have purchased plenty of things from here and have been happy. But this was not one of them I tried to install this with the chrome buttons that they have,and instantly it made my Arcade 1up malfunction to were right when I turn it on it is now stuck on volume 0 and can't it no matter what to work anymore joystick and all. I guess their Eclipse buttons and chrome buttons don't work for the Arcade1up cabs? Sucks because the buttons look cool

This does not hook directly into a A1U so not sure how it can cause what you are seeing. We have used this combo with chrome or eclipse buttons without issues on countless machines. Feel free to contact support directly via live chat if you want to try to solve the issue.