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Brook PS3 PS4+ PC Audio FightingBoard

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Brook continues it's Gaming Series PCB, Universal Fighting Board follow up with the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board.

Besides the difference in cost, the PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board adds a break out PCB that houses a USB-B Port and headphone jack with support audio for the PS4 portion. 

A soldered 20-pin allows super easy and fast connection for your push buttons, control and joystick when using our custom Quick Connect 20-pin Harness. 

Feature List

The UFB automatically detects PS4 and PS3 consoles when connected via USB. Notable features include:

  • PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch (via firmware update) and PC control
  • Firmware upgradeable system via USB connection.  Please see "Support" tab for links to latest firmware and additional wiring information.
  • No 8 minute timeout reset needed.
  • XINPUT Mode (when applicable).
  • Two Analog stick Support
  • SOCD Cleaner support via pin connector (J15).
  • Screw terminal for solderless connections.
  • 20 pin (2x10) housing for future expansion or connection to other PCBA.
  • JST and pin headers available for VCC, player 1-4 LEDs, RS, DP and LS mode, touch pad, touch pad button, Turbo button, and alternative USB output connector. 
  • Near identical form factor and connections to Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers makes installation familiar to most joystick builders.

Shipping And Handling Times

All Hard Parts Are Shipped Within 24 Hours Monday Thur Friday If Purchased Before Noon CST. Custom Order Items Are Generally Shipped Within 7 Days