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Arcade1Up PartyCade 60 in 1 Conversion Kit

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$134.99 - $134.99
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This is a 100% full install kit minus the monitor or LCD driver and assorted nuts and bolts.

Kit Contains:

1. Power Supply

2. EMI Filter
3. Three Red Buttons | 2 White Buttons | 2 Small Buttons For Test & Service
4. 35cm "Shorty" 60 in 1 Jamma Harness for Sanwa 5 Pin
5. Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT 5 Pin Joystick
6. VGA Cable
7. PCB Feet
8. 60 in 1 Jamma Board
9. 5.5 x 2.1mm Pigtail
10. EMI Jig to cut hole
11. US Power Cord

The factory location A1U speaker is reused. We will terminate the jamma harness so the factory speaker plugs right in.

Other Needed Items:
Assorted screws

If using the A1U lcd you need to use this LCD DRIVER

Customer Reviews

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Has no sound board,need amp for sound

A little confusing because there's no instructions, also there's no sound card, you will need an amp for any sound. So far it works good, still waiting for the amp.

The 60 in 1 kits all install fairly similar to this video: Its not exact but it should get you there. The 60 in 1 does not require a amp, you can hook the #10 jamma wires directly to the speakers of the partycade and it will work great. If you have any direct questions of issues feel free to jump into chat with us. Thank you for your business and taking the time for a review!