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Arcade1Up PartyCade 60 in 1 Conversion Kit

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This is a 100% full install kit minus the monitor or LCD driver and assorted nuts and bolts.

Kit Contains:

1. Power Supply

2. EMI Filter
3. Three Red Buttons | 2 White Buttons | 2 Small Buttons For Test & Service
4. 35cm "Shorty" 60 in 1 Jamma Harness for Sanwa 5 Pin
5. Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT 5 Pin Joystick
6. VGA Cable
7. PCB Feet
8. 60 in 1 Jamma Board
9. 5.5 x 2.1mm Pigtail
10. EMI Jig to cut hole
11. US Power Cord

The factory location A1U speaker is reused. We will terminate the jamma harness so the factory speaker plugs right in.

Other Needed Items:
Assorted screws

If using the A1U lcd you need to use this LCD DRIVER

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Outstanding customer service

I wrote a bad review earlier this year (M.B.) and with their outstanding service and help I was able to get up and running. Videos are good, but that would be the only request. If they could make a video for the Countercade model it would be great for future people. But they were very supportive and helpful

Holy cow this is bad

I just got this NO instructions, the video referred to is not a partycade, so there is NO way to know how to hook up power, sound or how truly to mount things. I have the SuperPacMan Partycade and there is no way to hook up the screen.... How is there nothing to reference to do this. Had such high hopes... Now I need detailed directions or a refund

There are many many videos that are similar to this install. We do not have install videos for every single machine as there are way too many A1U setups at this time. You can watch the coutnercade setup and the 3/4 scale set up and if you cannot install off those feel free to contact support. This kit is super easy to install and should take no more then a hour tops.

Bryant Kidd
Perfect ! Such a great mod

All components were packaged nicely. So easy to do after watching the video. Everyone loves it. I also ordered the pac man panel and the lcd driver. The panel is beautiful. The only thing I would’ve liked was to have the 1 player / 2 player labeled buttons, the panel wasn’t labeled for player choice.

The Todd
Flawless Integration in my Partycade

This worked perfectly to upgrade the Arcade 1Up Partycade. The mod is a tight fit in this small cabinet. Everything worked as expected. I mounted the EMI filter in the bottom of the case and used right angle power cord. It still sits flat when using the feet that came with the cabinet. No amp is needed, I used a cheap 3.5mm attenuator to control volume and mounted it on the top.

Highly recommend for those new to modding Arcade1Up partycade - a great experience

I’m surprised there was only one other review for this mod kit so I wanted to give some input. I will 1st say that the support from these guys is outstanding and I’m thankful to Shane for answering a good handful of questions & always replying very quickly with what I needed. The 2nd point is that this truly feels like a dyi effort, but with really great help. You will want to watch dyi retro arcade YouTube videos on the Pac-Man (full size) mod, and also the countercade mod, and the 60-in-1 setup video. I modded my ms Pac-Man 40th anniversary Partycade with this 60 in 1 kit and it’s great. Getting the pre drilled panel was helpful that I didn’t have to fiddle with that. I do like that it adds many of the games I wanted without having too many (decision paralysis) on what to play and is easy to navigate. this is a great break periodically in my home office! Turned out that everything I needed was included in the kit. A couple things were different from the videos but Shane helped with any clarification needed. An unexpected bonus is that I enjoyed doing the mod and now feel comfortable with the inner workings of these arcade1up machines and will be comfortable with my next mod~ another Partycade but for games w 8 way joystick games.. I will probably do the pandora box kit from dyi retro arcade for this. One thing worth knowing- with the 60 in-1 board, you lose your high scores if you power down the Partycade which is unfortunate. This is how real arcade machines work though (as George costanza learned with his frogger machine) but I do like how you get into the setup of the game settings with the test and service switches - again like a real arcade machine. Thanks to Shane and team for supporting the mod community and for a great experience.