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Arcade1Up Manual "Almost" Plug and Play Volume Adjustment Kit

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Certain Arcade1Up machines have super loud volume even on the lowest setting. This is a simple mod that we saw another user do and thought we would make a simple "almost" plug and play kit. The good thing about the potentiometer we used is it allows for adjustment threw the complete turn. We tested about 25 to get the one we were happy with!

Install Video:

Customer Reviews

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no sound

This pot did not work when I installed it. I had a 2 way speaker running in my cabinet and already had a pot installed. I tried this one hoping I could raise and lower volume but got no sound at all. The other one I had at least would switch volume on or off.

These are designed for a single speaker setup using the factory pcb. Anything out side of that may or may not work but If you hook the speakers up bridged it should still work the same as having 1 speaker.

sal valiant
Volume switch control

Volume switch works great on the pac man machine. I would recommend it to anyone.

Good solution for fixing the early cabs sound.

This worked perfectly for my Mortal Kombat gen 1 can. You can get your own pots but, it's hit or miss trying to get a good one. Like the Instructional video below says, the pot they found it good. Works through the whole range.
Ive tried a few different pots from Amazon and haven't found a good one. The guys at DIY haven't taken the trail and error out of this easy mod. Thank you.
It's worth the money.

William Kurz
Worked perfectly

Very easy to install and works as advertised. A necessary addition to my Arcade 1Up Space Invaders cabinet.

randy hariton
Just what I was looking for

I'm an IT guy, but not an electronics person so after watching the video I took a chance on this as my arcade was crazy loud. This was easy to install and works like a charm. :-)