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Arcade1Up Countercade 60 in 1 Conversion Kit Gen2

Original price $129.99 - Original price $129.99
Original price
$129.99 - $129.99
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This is a 100% full install kit minus the monitor or LCD driver and assorted nuts and bolts.

Kit Contains:

1.  Speaker Grill Cover
2. 3 Jigs
3. Power Supply
4. EMI Filter
5. Three Red Buttons | 2 White Buttons | 2 Small Buttons For Test & Service
6. 35cm "Shorty" 60 in 1 Jamma Harness for Sanwa 5 Pin
7. Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT 5 Pin Joystick
8. VGA Cable
9. PCB Feet
10. 60 in 1 Jamma Board
11. 5.5 x 2.1mm Paigtail
12. 5.5 x 2.1mm to Micro USB
13. Hardware Pack

Needed tool suggestion
1/8 Drill Bit
9/64 Drill Bit
1" or as big as 1 1/4 Paddle Bit. If you do not want to use a paddle bit you can drill a bunch of small holes and just knock it out. Paddle bits are like 4 bucks at Home Depot!

Install Video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cecil Criss
60-1 countercade gen2 kit

The kit works great. Would have gave 5 stars instead of 4 but had parts missing. The dident send the EMI Filter with kit and was missing the screws for joystick. Had to use screws from old joystick. They sent me another emi filter took about a week but they dident send the plug wire to plug between emi and power supply. Had to make one. Other then that great kit.

Nhat Nguyen
Good quality parts and great communication!

I liked that as my control panel was being completed, I was getting a quick note sent to update me. This was my first purchase from this company, but it won't be my last. They also helped me when I got stuck during the build and now everything works great. Thanks!!

Wayne S
Arcade1up gen 2, 60 in 1 upgrade kit

This is a great kit, I love all these games. They are what I grew up with. The rendition is really good. This kit is well put together and easy to install. I would highly recommend the skinned control board and you will need a video driver for your 8” lcd screen. The lcd driver board was also easy to install. I bought the lcd 8” driver board off of eBay at Geeksales. This is a must have with this kit or any upgrade to the Galaga Arcade1up countercade. DIY Retro Arcade was a great help when I had any questions. They are very friendly and helpful, I would highly recommend any of their products. They don’t sell cheaply made arcade parts like some places.


This kit is awesome. The installation is relatively easy, pays well exactly like the kit I purchased from here for my "full size" Arcade1Up Galaga. My only issues where getting a LCD driver board and my kit did not come with any nuts for the screws for mounting (no big deal, I have plenty).

I will buy an LCD driver board from here as soon as it's available.

Tony H.
Great Kit!!!!

Everything was included in this kit down to the nuts and screws. very easy mod with the help of the video.