American Style Black Center Eclipse 28mm Hole Illuminated Push Buttons With Micro Switch For Arcade Machine

DIY Retro Arcade

SKU: Arcade-152-Red

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    • Plastic push button with translucent bezel
    • Black center for Eclipse look
    • LED holder .250" terminal size
    • Fits wood or metal control panels
    • Pushbutton mounts in 1-1/8" (28mm) hole
    • 0.187 size microswitch

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great buttons!

The Happ style switches are great, super good response and they look awesome too.

A few notes, if you are going from the OEM buttons you'll either need to stretch the terminals out to fit the Happ connector or buy the .187 jumper wires they sell. I'd recommend the latter as part of the purchase. The Happ style buttons have 3 terminals, one on the side and then two on the bottom. I used their jumpers and attached the blue cable on the side, then connected the white cable to the one on the bottom closest to it.

The buttons don't come put together but they are pretty easy to figure out. The LED lights are a bit of trial and error for positive or negative connections in my experience, if you get the added terminals and barrel connector for power.

The team was very helpful with any questions via email.

As always, awesome item!

Everything I've received from DIY retro has been top notch. Best in the biz!

Looks Great

This was perfect for giving my Mortal Kombat Arcade1Up machine a visual and functional upgrade. With very little help from YouTube I was up and running in under an hour.

Great upgrade!

These guys are awesome! Quality products at a great price. I’ve purchased products from them for all my Arcade1up cabinets, have never been disappointed with the quality, price, shipping speed or customer service. Diyretroarcade is my go to for all my arcade upgrades. Thank you diyretroarcade.

Best light ups

I never liked the bright IN YOUR FACE LIGHTS. Then I found these and bought 2 of them. Wow they look great the amount of light is perfect and they are not concave with separates them from my other buttons. These are great low voltage light solutions