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American Style Black Center Eclipse 24mm Hole Illuminated Push Buttons With Micro Switch For Arcade Machine

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    • Plastic push button with translucent bezel
    • Black center for Eclipse look
    • LED holder .250" terminal size
    • Fits wood or metal control panels
    • Pushbutton mounts in 24mm hole
    • 0.187 size microswitch
    • If you need encoder wires get them HERE

Color: Red

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Customer Reviews

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Quick update...

...I experimented with several O-Rings and found that 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID x 1/16" works best. YMMV but, for me, they are easier to install than the previous rings I tested (7/16" OD x 5/16" ID x 1/16"), and they make the button feel great.

These are my new standard buttons

I've replaced every control button on my A1Up cabinets with these. They really add a classy look and they feel great when playing. The stock microswitches are a bit clicky (imo), so I swapped them with 20 gram Zippy's and there's no going back. Tip: if you want to make them a bit quieter, you can add a tiny o-ring to the plunger stem. It's a bit of a challenge stretching them on (and you may break a few) but, once around the stem and pushed up to the top (under the plunger lip), they dampen the hollow plastic sound of the plunger hitting the body when you mash the button.

DIY Retro Rocks!!

Adam Kleven
Great look

Purchased for a mod I had done on an A1U Galaga cabinet to add a better real life feel for pinball. Included microswitch is way too heavy, but I had a couple 20g switches from an earlier project I swapped in quick and they are perfect for the build. Subtle light not a glaring beacon on the sides.

Mark Schultz
Eclipse led buttons

Excellent led button!

Robert Whorton
Not a fan. Bad for fighting games.

I thought these would be smoother but they're pretty clunky. I bought them for X-Men vs SF, but I'm reverting it back to the Arcade1Up buttons because they function better.