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American Style 28mm Standard Arcade Push Button

Original price $0.39 - Original price $1.89
Original price
$0.39 - $1.89
Current price $0.39
Color: Red
  • Concave Design
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
  • Vertical attached microswitch with standard 0. 187" (4. 8mm) terminals.
  • 28mm Hole

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Robert Bradley
Had to switch back to the standard buttons

They ended up being inferior to the stock buttons in the big blue cabinet, borderline unplayable.

Christopher Greeney

Arcade quality buttons and end up replacing the A1Up buttons everytime. Can't ask for much more. Keep them comin'!

Better than OEM A1U buttons!

Installed these buttons into my Arcade1up Ms Pac that has a 60 in 1 inside. The difference between the non-responsive and pretty lame OEM A1U buttons and these far more responsive and satisfying Happ buttons are night and day. Very satisfied with these!

Marc Ludwick
Great buttons!

Replaced all 17 buttons on my NBA Jam cab to give it that solid arcade feel. It did the trick, these feel great! Also did the mod the others suggested, by bending the ends up a touch. Gets rid of the the metallic vibration and sound. Awesome parts with fast shipping!

Terrific after minor alteration

I ordered around a dozen of these and was initially disappointed. They all produced a vibrational, rattling noise/buzz after the button was released. It was similar to the sound of the spring on a screen door after it has slammed shut - although not as severe. I thought installing them might help, but it did not.

I'm new to the whole home arcade thing, so I thought the issue was with the quality of the buttons. So, I purchased some name-brand buttons by Happ and Industrias Lorenzo. and encountered the same issue (although slightly less pronounced). I did some digging around on the Net and discovered that this issue isn't uncommon. Fortunately, I also found a super-easy solution.

The vibrational noise and feel occurs when there is metal-on-metal contact when the button spring is fully-relaxed. It seems that spring manufacturers "crimp" the ends of each spring to hamper accidental uncoiling. This sometimes results in the ends of the spring coming into contact with the previous level of the spring. The solution is to use some needle-nose pliers (or your hands) to slightly bend the ends of the spring so that there is no longer any metal-on-metal contact. This alteration eliminated the problem without any impact on button performance.

I have included the helpful picture that was in the post I discovered.

On a side note... DIY Retro Arcade, you guys are fantastic! Great customer service, and Shane was incredibly helpful and responsive to my newb questions. I plan to purchase all my parts from you guys moving forward.