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Shipment Delay Notice: Out Of Office Until 4/20.
Shipment Delay Notice: Out Of Office Until 4/20.

Alloy Front panel CPU Multi Coin Acceptor Comparable Coin Selector

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$23.99 - $23.99
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  • TW 130B Accepts coins based on the diameter and thickness
  • Capable of accepting a wide variety of coins or tokens
  • Suitable for US 5¢ or 25¢ U.S. coins and Canadian coins 20mm-30mm diameter, 1.7mm - 2.5mm thickness
  • Controlled by CPU program
  • Precise/normal switch ensures quick, smooth coin insertion
  • Special design for anti-EMI (electromagnetic interference)
  • Back cover opens for convenient cleaning and maintenance

1.Removing the plastic coin from the coin groove and insert the using coins.
2.Changing COIN SW1 according to the main board. PC board with revolving lamp normally use NC,
other PC board use NO.
3.Changing according to the main board. Fast 25ms and Medium 50ms normally suit for common game
machine, slow 100ms suit for amusement machine.
4.VR knob is used to adjust the sensitivity of the coin acceptance. Clockwise turning is a slask selection,
the counterclockwise a strick selection. Generally, it had been adjusted in the factory.
5.If find the coin pass unsmooth, please adjust the precision switch, or turn the VR knob to the suitable direction.

Wiring Setting:
Two Grey Line - Counter
Red Line - DC 12V
White Line - Coin Singal
Black Line - Ground Line

Package Included:
1 x Arcade Game Coin Acceptor
1 x Screws Kit (8 Pcs)
1 x 4P Winding Cable
1 x User Manual