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4lb Sanwa JLF Tension Spring for Arcade Joystick

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The 4lb tension spring can be used as a replacement for the existing spring found in the Sanwa JLF series of Joysticks. Modding your Sanwa JLF joystick with this 4lb tension spring, will give you up to 3.2lb more force, compared to the original spring. This results in a stiffer joystick, which is favored among some players who do not like the loose feel of the JLF series of joysticks. 

How To Install

Customer Reviews

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Justin Haper
4 lb sanwa tension spring

First of all I like to say delivery was pretty reasonable and fast. I have found that this replacement springs are perfect amount of tension. I also try the 6lb tension Springs I found them to be too stiff for my liking. If you're looking for a little bit more tension in your Springs these are the ones to go

Trevor Storoschuk
Overpriced shipping and random tension

Some of the springs felt good, and some of the springs felt very consistency. Shipping to Canada is garbage...way too expensive....there should definitely be cheaper options...especially for little tiny springs that are shipped in a small bubble wrapped envelop.

Nick gerula
Every cabinet needs this

Improves feel and performance. Easy to install

Desmon Bolden
great upgrade

purchased 5 of these and replaced my stock sanwa spring. Ms. Pacman and Capcom legacy cabinets haven't felt better. My Midway Legacy with be getting upraded sticks and springs next!! Thanks again!

Sanwa Joystick/ 4lb spring for Arcade1up

I haven't used them for fighter games, but the Sanwa sticks + 4lb spring are a MUST for games like Pac-Man, Ms Pac-man, Super Pac, Dig Dug, etc. I found the stock A1UP sticks to be cheap and clicky with dead zones-Sanwa's make it feel like an authentic experience. Highly recommend A++++ quality+ fast shipping!