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3" RGB LED Pearl Trackball For USB 60 in 1 or Game Elf Arcade Machine

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3" RGB LED Pearl Trackball For USB 60 in 1 or Game Elf Arcade Machine

This Pearl trackball with RGB LEDs has multiple connection options so it can be easily used with both computers and multi-game jamma boards such as the Game-Elf and 60-in-1 PCBs.

  • 3" Pearl Trackball assembly with RGB LEDs.
  • Similar to Suzo Happ part #56-7000-24 but with additional connection options
  • Wires with .187" spade connectors for connecting a button to change LED modes
  • Wires with .187" spade connectors for connecting Right and Left mouse buttons
  • LED Modes: Flash (multiple colors), Fade (through multiple colors), Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Blue, Red/Pink, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Off
  • Note: LED color can *not* be controlled by software, only by adding a button and selecting a mode above
  • Note: LED is powered by USB, so it is not as bright as the U-Trak with our custom LED panel. If you use this with a multi-game board that does not have a USB port for power you will need to plug the USB port into a standard USB phone charger.

Connection Options
  • USB or PS/2 connections to a computer, will be automatically detected as a mouse
  • 10-pin connector (6 pins used) for Game Elf multi-game boards
  • 6-pin connector for multi-game boards such as 60-in-1

Button Wires
  • Black - Ground/Common
  • White - Mouse Right
  • Green - Mouse Left
  • Orange - LED Mode
  • Red - not used

Works Great With This Trackball Plate!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frank Novak
Good but know what to expect

Retro Arcade has been good on every one of my orders. Fast shipping no problems. This trackball arrived new and functional. Initially it was a but crunchy and didn't roll super smooth. Still its better than a cheap unit build quality is great. As with all trackball it needs to be broken in and cleaned. As the ball runs on the rollers it wears them to a mirror polish at the contact surface. Don't expect a new ball to be flawless out of the box. Run it for a while in all directions. A few minutes won't be enough as these are designed to run for years in a commercial environment with constant use. After the first several hours of run time, that is time spent with the ball spinning, disassemble and clean it. You need to be familiar with this operation anyway since it is routine maintenance that needs done from time to time. After initial run in and cleaning it will run smooth and last for a long time. Wear items such as rollers are replaceable and available so with proper service this unit should last a lifetime. The fit of the housing to the 3 inch mounting plate sold here was spot on. These guys have done a good job getting me what I need.

Mark Schultz
3” trackball

Trackball install flawlessly with my 60 in 1. Smooth action and led colors looks awesome . I got the custom deck to go with it. Thanks again DIY Retro you always come through for me.