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3" RGB LED Pearl Trackball For USB 60 in 1 or Game Elf Arcade Machine

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3" RGB LED Pearl Trackball For USB 60 in 1 or Game Elf Arcade Machine

This Pearl trackball with RGB LEDs has multiple connection options so it can be easily used with both computers and multi-game jamma boards such as the Game-Elf and 60-in-1 PCBs.

  • 3" Pearl Trackball assembly with RGB LEDs.
  • Similar to Suzo Happ part #56-7000-24 but with additional connection options
  • Wires with .187" spade connectors for connecting a button to change LED modes
  • Wires with .187" spade connectors for connecting Right and Left mouse buttons
  • LED Modes: Flash (multiple colors), Fade (through multiple colors), Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Blue, Red/Pink, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Off
  • Note: LED color can *not* be controlled by software, only by adding a button and selecting a mode above
  • Note: LED is powered by USB, so it is not as bright as the U-Trak with our custom LED panel. If you use this with a multi-game board that does not have a USB port for power you will need to plug the USB port into a standard USB phone charger.

Connection Options
  • USB or PS/2 connections to a computer, will be automatically detected as a mouse
  • 10-pin connector (6 pins used) for Game Elf multi-game boards
  • 6-pin connector for multi-game boards such as 60-in-1

Button Wires
  • Black - Ground/Common
  • White - Mouse Right
  • Green - Mouse Left
  • Orange - LED Mode
  • Red - not used

Works Great With This Trackball Plate!!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Schultz
3” trackball

Trackball install flawlessly with my 60 in 1. Smooth action and led colors looks awesome . I got the custom deck to go with it. Thanks again DIY Retro you always come through for me.