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2.25 Inch LED Ball Arcade Game Trackball Compatible With Jamma 60-in-1 Jamma Icade PCB Board

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$39.99 - $39.99
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    • This Trackball Is Plug And Play With The iCade 60 in 1
    • Ball Size: 2.25"
    • Width: 3-13/16 Length: 3-13/16 Height: 1 1/2
    • Mounting hardware sold separately
    • Hole Spacing is 1/4 inch wider then happs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Mayse
Give It A Shot!

So this was my first Jamma build & honestly as an avid arcade lover it was an enjoyable yet somewhat frustrating experience. But I learned a lot & DIY Retro was beyond helpful every step along the way. They replied to every single message & offered insight to any issues I encountered. With those positives out the way, my only complaints would be there are some errors in their YouTube tutorials that if you repeat their steps exactly you’ll find yourself painted into a corner at times, but hey it’s a learning experience & I didn’t encounter any problems I couldn’t remedy myself. My last minor negative would be there really is no perfect itemized list of EVERYTHING you need to make this mod happen. You really have to buy this kit & do the rest on your own as far as finding certain nuts, bolts, electrical wire, speaker wire & more. But don’t let a slight learning curve deter you from working with a great company that provides great products! I built my first home jamma arcade & you can too!

Allison Sparks
So happy I finally bought this!

Grew up in the 80s playing the classics and I have been wanting to put this video game together for quite sometime - my only regret is not doing it sooner .. such an affordable way to revisit the games I enjoyed back then !!
Excellent customer service - highly recommend.