2.25 Inch LED Arcade Game Trackball PS/2 Connection Compatible With PC or Raspberry Pi

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  • Clear trackball, smooth rolling .
  • Operates just like a standard 3-Button computer mouse.
  • PS/2 plug and quick connects, will work with any computer through its PS/2 connection.
  • Long lasting, low power trackball.
  • If your pc does not have a PS/2 port use this USB adapter HERE!
Tech Info (Thanks Hap!):
  • Clear trackball with Green and Red LED (color changes when button is pressed)
  • Operates just like a standard 3-Button mouse
  • Button wires have standard .187" female quick disconnects
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Raspberry Pi, MAME, RetroPie, RecalBox, etc.
  • PS/2 Connector: Goes to computer PS/2; can also use PS/2-to-USB adapter.
  • White wire: Left Mouse button
  • Red wire: Middle (mouse wheel) button
  • Yellow wire: Right Mouse button
  • Black wire (daisy chain): Ground for all buttons

Customer Reviews

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NOT a 2.25" trackball, but works fine

This trackball is not 2.25" as listed -- the ball itself is roughly 2". This same trackball (different manufacturer name, but identical product as I ordered another one) is listed on Amazon as a 4.5cm trackball, which is roughly 1.77". This doesn't really matter for most uses, as it's plenty big for use as an arcade trackball. However, for my project I intended to replace the stock trackball with a billiard ball, which is 2.25" in diameter, and it quickly became apparent that it was too big. (I ended up cutting a larger hole in the top of the plastic housing, and was able to make it work). With that out of the way -- this is a passable but by no means high-quality trackball. The spinners that the ball rotates are small and not especially free-spinning, though they work well enough for most trackball games. There are more expensive trackballs of this type that will perform better, but if you're looking for a cheap trackball for occasional use, this one is acceptable. Out of the box it glows green (and green only), with soldered LEDs, but it wouldn't be that difficult to mod. If you do decide to do what I did and mod it to allow a 2.5" billiard ball as the trackball, note that the small spinners do not grip the ball optimally, though it does function.