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2.25 Inch LED Arcade Game Trackball PS/2 Connection Compatible With PC or Raspberry Pi

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  • Clear trackball, smooth rolling .
  • Operates just like a standard 3-Button computer mouse.
  • PS/2 plug and quick connects, will work with any computer through its PS/2 connection.
  • Long lasting, low power trackball.
  • If your pc does not have a PS/2 port use this USB adapter HERE!
Tech Info (Thanks Hap!):
  • Clear trackball with Green and Red LED (color changes when button is pressed)
  • Operates just like a standard 3-Button mouse
  • Button wires have standard .187" female quick disconnects
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Raspberry Pi, MAME, RetroPie, RecalBox, etc.
  • PS/2 Connector: Goes to computer PS/2; can also use PS/2-to-USB adapter.
  • White wire: Left Mouse button
  • Red wire: Middle (mouse wheel) button
  • Yellow wire: Right Mouse button
  • Black wire (daisy chain): Ground for all buttons