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Its Vacation Time! Delayed Shipping! Click For Info!

10W +10W PAM8610 D Class Dual-channel HIFI Audio Amplifier

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Work: D Class
Quiescent current: 20mA
Efficiency: 90%
Rated output power: 10W +10W (8)
Frequency response: 20Hz to 50KHz
Operating voltage: DC 7.5-15V
Recommended power supply voltage: 12V, the center PIN of 12VDC is +
PCB board size: (40 * 40) mm
Power Interface: 5.5 socket

It is NOT acceptable to connect the - outputs of the L & R speakers together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Takes a moment to figure out

Once you figure it out it does work. This one can be an intermediate level project depending on the persons skill sets. But the product absolutely works.

Christopher Norris
Amp was DOA. Other parts work.

The amp was dead on arrival. I didn't realize, so I spent tons of time debugging the missing sound until I realized that the LED on the board only lit sporadically but would not stay on. For the price, it wasn't worth trying to return. I'm trying to work around it now with some old pieces lying around.

Neal Adams
10Wx10W amp

I installed 2 130w 4” car speakers and used this amp with them. Very loud for us hearing impaired. So it works very good. Does have an adjustable volume control.