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American Style 28mm Standard Arcade Push Button

Original price $0.39 - Original price $1.54
Original price
$0.39 - $1.54
Current price $0.39
Color: Red
  • Concave Design
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
  • Vertical attached microswitch with standard 0. 187" (4. 8mm) terminals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Buttons Replacement for my Street Fighter 2 Legacy Arcade Machine

Recently I bought this machine and the buttons were extremely mushy and terrible. For a true SF Fighter player from the 90's who can usually execute these combos with my eyes closed, all of a sudden I am having issues doing the simple moves and the stock buttons are the worst (I can't believe they don't test them out before selling these expensive machines). Found DIY retro from one of the youtube channel and ordered some upgraded buttons, and now I can immediately tell the quality while my combos are going through the roofs.

Great buy and easy to install, I wish it came with some simple instructions or pointers at least but was able to figure it out with their customer support and they respond fast. Again, for all the hard cord SF2 players, don't settle for them cheap mushy buttons... get these dim mak buttons I tell ya (American Style 28mm Standard Arcade Push Button). Keep up the great work.

Don't forget the cables

If you're buying these for your Arcade1Up, don't forget to buy the cables. I did, and now need to place another order to Canada :(

Nick R
Upgraded buttons to the Arcade1Up Xmen vs Street Fighter cabinet

Upgraded buttons to the Arcade1Up Xmen vs Street Fighter cabinet. Stock buttons are mushy and loose. These new buttons provide tension and "click" feedback. I wanted to keep the same color scheme and I perceive no difference between them side by side. The actual install is very easy. The bores do not require widening so no tools needed. They fit slightly loose but tighten nicely.

In practice the extra tension made executing moves a bit difficult for me. I played a couple hundred matches with the stock buttons so my fingers need re-training. I'm getting used to it.

Great value!

Recently upgraded all of the buttons in both my Ms Pac-Man and Tempest Arcade1up.

I hate the mushy feeling of the stock buttons, and sometimes you’re not sure if the button registered or not.

These feel much more solid, and more to a true arcade button.
These may not be for everyone, they are louder and you can hear the click, but I feel gameplay is more much accurate.

With the A1up encoder wires, it made installation super easy, I finished both panels in no time at all.

I wish A1up would put in better buttons stock, but these make replacing them inexpensive and easy.

All future A1ups will get the same treatment, I will never go back to stock buttons.

Easy Installation and Great Price!

One of the buttons on our building’s Arcade1Up 12-in-1 cabinet was only working intermittently so I purchased these to replace them (all). The installation was simple and overall I’m satisfied, but based on initial observations these replacements appear to be only a nominal improvement in quality and design to the originals. Mind you, they’re VERY reasonably priced and they work great (so far). Overall a positive experience.