Vertical AIR ATTACK 3 The King of Air 147 in 1 PCB Jamma VGA Output

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Features -

  • Updated Version of Air Strike 2 56 in 1.
  • Now With 147 Vertical Shmups!
  • Universal JAMMA Connector
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Free Play or Quarter/Token Option
  • Supports VGA output only
  • Supports Upright Only - Does not have automatic screen-flip option for cocktail machines
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games
  • Power Input - Uses standard arcade power supply (through JAMMA connector)
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Customer Reviews

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Smups ho

I like this card, unlike the AA2 card it works as advertised. The games selection is probably not known to most Americans, but it does have several classics included; as well as some that were hits on the Dreamcast. The others will be new and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. The lack of a 3.5mm jack for output to an amplifier is sorely missing; but the sound is fine as is, ya just can't change it on the fly.if you close the back of the unit. If you like shooters, there is alot to like here.

Great vert shooter board

Great cheap board set, theirs some meh 80s titles but if your looking for 90s titles it's great.

Now I'm the KING of Air

This board is very new so I wasn't able to find a game list before I ordered, but I was already sold on the earlier Air Attack boards so I was more than happy to take the chance on this for my Galaga mod. Every time I find a new shooter on this board is like Christmas, if you love the genre you owe it to yourself to set up a dedicated cabinet for just this purpose. Here's a few flaws I found, otherwise everything else is perfect in my eyes.

1. No sound affects in 1943, 1943 Kai. Music doesn't seem to que correctly.
2. Exes Exes (Savage Bees) runs too slow. Unplayable basically.
3. Vulgus is on there twice
4. Super Contra has round slowed down to a crawl, game plays well otherwise
5. Forgot the game, but one of them has invisible walls where sprites aren't displaying correctly.
6. Space Invaders has no sound
7. Galaga is missing the ship explosion sound effect.

As you may have noticed, it's the older games that gave most of the issues, luckily the bread and butter of this collection are the 90s era shooters like DonDonPachi and Strikers 1945 and those look and sound outstanding.

Here's a few pieces of advice I have if you're doing an Arcade Iup mod for this:
1. Dont use the stock monitor from a Galaga machine. Trust me, that screen is terrible.
2. If you do use the stock screen, you need to take it out and rotate 180 degrees.
3. Turn off the first copy of Vulgus. The sound is better on the second.
4. Turn of Exes Exes.
5. Use four action buttons on your CPO. So far only one game seems to use the fourth, (DAIOH? sp?) But it's also needed in the menus.


Purchased for my CRT cabinet which is VGA
But this item is VGA 720p so it will not work on a CRT VGA 15/24/31KHZ .
Too bad the description didn't tell you what VGA Signal it supports!
As for the games it's a hit or miss. Some good and some with bad sound but it's not the seller's fault it's just the nature of these multi game pcb's