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Shooting Joystick 8 Way Flight Stick With Trigger Top Fire Button For Arcade Game Fight Simulator

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DC 12V joystick  has vibrating lines, 3 lines without vibration
This is a very cool trigger joystick with an attached top rear mounting button and a front trigger

The arcade joystick has 8-way movement and has a trigger and top fire button
This has a medium to long distance travel and soft spring pressure
True 8-way arcade joystick designed for simulation of aircraft
Anti-friction, high sensitivity, easy maintenance, easy to assemble

Green wire = Main trigger
Yellow Wire = Top Button
Red = to 12v power for vibration feature
black = Ground (hook to power supply or daisy chain)

Customer Reviews

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Maxfield’s Arcade

These Flights Sticks will be Great for my SHMUPS Idea, Stay Tuned...