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Pandoras Box EX Full Install Kit For Arcade1Up Horizontal Machines Family Version

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
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Here is what the kit includes:


1. Pandoras Box EX (Details Here)
2. Family Harness
3. Two Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
4. Two Black Bat Tops
5. 16 Buttons (6 Red 6 Blue 4 White)
6. Two 3 or 4 Inch Speakers
7. 5.3A Power Supply
8.  US Power Cord
9. 2 Way Splitter
10. HDMI Cable

What Else Is Needed?

LCD Driver If Using Factory LCD: HERE (fits all A1U 17" LCD will not work on the 16.7")

For Wave1/2/3 machines you will need a J panel to mount the speakers. See HERE

For Cabaret machine you will not need a speaker panel, please reuse the factory one and factory speakers

For Legacy machines we do not have a speaker panel as of this time but will have one soon.

8x #8 x 3/4 nuts and bolts (for speakers)
6x #8 x 3/8 screw (for game board and joysticks)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
K Nylund

This is way easier than buying a raspberry pie and doing it that way. Everything I needed right in the box.

Great Pandora Box

Cannot be more happy ;) , my first Pandora Box, thank you support for recommending this one, Super Fast, absolutely no lagging, great performance, great Gear for fighting games, easy to put together, great graphics HD for those old games, amazing in my large TV, kids plays everyday with me "The Simpsons, Metal Slug, Street Fighter, etc", get it :D !!

Eric L
Pandoras Box DX Full Install Kit For Arcade1Up Horizontal Machines Family Version

Everything you need to upgrade your 1up arcade if you choose to do the monitor upgrade. So far pretty happy with the results . The wiring does not come pre- labeled and you will need to power it up and go through the IO settings to make sure that the right wire goes to the right button. Note that the 4 player on the Panodra's box won't allow you to select the 3rd and 4th players like in turtles. P1 is leo and P2 is mikey, Simpsons , P1 is Marge and P2 is Homer. Now way to select the other player. From what I read there is a "ROM" that you can download and put onto the SD card that the game is stored under. Graphics are way better than the 1 up machines. A lot of games and some of the 3-D fighting games are glitchy. Some of the nintendo games are difficult with the joystick. Overall pretty happy with the KIT and next will be the light up buttons, ROM and 4 player board