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Pandoras Box DX Family Version 3000 in 1 Official 3A Games Release

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3A has released its newest Pandoras box, the DX!


  • Up to 5000 additional games can be added threw U Disk
  • Support 3d games
  • Support add FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/SNES/FC.Mega Drive game
  • Support 3P/4P games
  • Resolution:1280*720p/   640*480p
  • Pause function:free mode and coin mode can be pause
  • Save game progress function
  • High score record
  • Add scan line function
  • Languge switch: English/ Korean/ Spanish
  • USB interface(use U disk to add games)
  • Game classification function
  • Start movie switch function
  • Built-in speaker switch function
  • Continuous shooting function
  • HDMI VGA ouptut(when HDMI & VGA are insert at the same time, only HDMI single is output)
  • Custom button support for up to 8 buttons
  • These are bare units as shown. You will need to add whatever harness you need to connect. Family 0.110 0r Family 0.187 or Jamma to Family

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
will recommend!

great retro games!! what i like about it you can add more games and it has 4 players games also.

WAY better than a Raspberry Pi

I built a full arcade cabinet with a Raspberry Pi 3( I didn't know about Pandora's Box). It was hard to configure and overall a real pain in my ass. I put it at a vacation rental I have. After a few months it stopped working....people were not shutting it down correctly. Replaced the Pi with the PB....sooooo much better!

Matthew Hungate
Really good

More than anything else, the Pandora Box DX does what it says it does. It is a relatively simple to configure instant massive arcade game collection. In my opinion the emulation quality is very good. The CPSIII games in the collection for example run great. My only real issue with it is screen tearing. The emulation itself runs smoothly, but there is frequent screen tearing and if that sort of thing bugs you then it will continue to bug you. Some folks weren't crazy about the console games on the list, but I think playing things like Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier on the A1U is pretty rad. I gave this review five stars partly because of the very high level of customer service I received throughout my entire A1U mod project.


You are better off getting a Pandora's Box 6 and upgrading it to 3000 games. Most of the games on Pandora Box DX are console versions.

Roland Ramirez
lots of games

Great little device packed with lots of games. Easy to install and very light in weight.