Pandoras Box 9d 2500 in 1 Wireless Console kit For TV


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Pandora's Box 9D Console kit. This is a 100% plug and play wireless setup for your TV!


  • Pandoras Box 9D including 2490 2D games and 10 3D games
  • VGA + HDMI dual output
  • Green energy-saving design, ultra high definition screen+Liyin processing engine+new architecture chip
  • Equipped with search function, language can be set, button sorting can be customized
  • Free mode can be set to obtain enhanced image quality and adjustable difficulty life


  • Display format: 720P HD
  • Console size: 14 * 20 * 3.5 cm

Packing includes:

  • 1 x Wireless console
  • 2 x Wireless controller
  • 1 x US power adaptor
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x Using instruction
  • Requires 4 AAA (Not Included)

Customer Reviews

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Great box with right expectations

From the best I can tell from reading and YouTube, this is an upgraded clone Pandora’s Box 5 in a neat console package.
It plays Capcom fighters and Metal Slugs awesome, I’m sure someone with a perfectionist mentality would find that frame 17 during a fireball might be off by .1765 seconds, but I’m not looking for competition quality.

Hook it up to a TV, or as we did a projector outdoors and have some fun!

The controllers are just ok, but my Madcatz arcade stick for the 360 works great as well as a PS3 controller. There may be others but that’s what I’ve tried.

There are 3 USB ports. 2 are for controllers, one I’m not sure honestly, I’m thinking if it were in an arcade stick you could use it to connect to a PC or PS3 to use as a controller.? It’s not dead as I thought initially, so hope that helps someone.

There are a ton of games and a ton of jacked versions, if you like KoF, you will love this. There are a lot of KoF versions.....did I mention KoF?

Box presentation is nice, very neatly packaged.

Not sure what else to say, the only reason I didn’t give it 4 stars would actually be the included controllers. I felt they are even marked for the button layout confusingly. That said, just use an old arcade stick and it’s mapped perfectly.

I do not believe adding games is possible, I could be wrong but most of anything you could want is here.

It does not seem to work with USB encoders unfortunately. I thought maybe putting it in an arcade machine already wired with o e and just using the existing USB setup I had would work. Unfortunately only the joystick did for me, maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks for carrying these Shane, love it!