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Pandoras Box 10th Anniversary Full Install Kit For Horizontal Machines Family Version Plus Easy Install Kit

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This is a full install kit to turn your Arcade1Up into a multigame machine. Every piece you need to install is include with the exception of the LCD driver. Many are upgrading monitors so we decided this needs to be a add on piece. Here is what the kit includes:


1. Pandoras Box 10Th (Details Here)
2. Family Harness
3. Two Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
4. Two Black Bat Tops
5. 16 Buttons (6 Red 6 Blue 4 White)
6. Two 4 Inch Speakers
7. 5.3A Power Supply

Included Hardware
1. US Power Cord
2. HDMI Cable

Add On: Easy Pandora Kit (Details Here)
1. PCB
2. 2 x Sanwa Cables
3. 16 x 0.110 Jumpers
4. Main Harness (replaces & removes family version harness)

**See a simular kit installed on a arcade1up partycade here**