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Nintendo Switch Conversion Kit For Arcade1Up Horizontal Machines

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Kit Includes:

1. 2 x Nintendo Switch Encoder Kit (?)
2. 2 x Sanwa Joysticks (?)
3. 2 x 4" or 3" Speakers (?)
4. 20 x 5V LED Buttons (?) or Non LED Buttons (?)
5. 180 Watt Stereo Amplifier (?)
6. 8 x PCB Feet (?)
7. 3 Way Splitter (?)
8. Power Extension Cable (?)
9. HDMI Cable
10. 3.5mm x 3.5mm Male To Male Audio Cable (?)
11. 2 x Battops (?)
12. 5.3Amp Power Supply (?)
13. 2 x  Speaker Wire with Terminals 3 Feet Each
14. 1.5" Grommet
15. Power Switch Connection
16. Assorted Screws

What Else Is Needed?
1. You will need a LCD that allows for a HDMI Input. You can use the factory A1U LCD by installing a LCD Driver.

2. You can modify your Arcade1Up CPO or you can get one that we have premade. See our Nintendo Switch Control Panels.

3. If you do not have a spot to mount your speakers on a wave1 or 2 machine you can get one of our precut J panels. If you are installing this in a cabaret style machine then you can use the factory speaker panel.

4. If you are mounting the Nintendo Switch to the "H Panel" you will need a dock mount.

5. You may need other screws ect, depending on how you do the install.

6. And Obviously a Nintendo Switch with Dock that has 2 USB inputs. :)

Install Video

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