Crane Machine Kit All Components w/ Manual High Quality Blue Board Complete Kit

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This is a complete crane machine kit. All you need to supply is a crane machine shell with a gantry carnage length of 28 inches.

This kit includes the higher quality all metal gantry and the blue main board. It is of much better quality then the yellow main board.

Kit Includes:
1. All Metal 28 inch Crane Gantry with Pre Wired connector and stop switches
2. Power supply
3. Speaker
4. Medium size claw
5. Controller PCB board
6. Coin Meter
7. Complete wiring harness
8. LED lights and harness
9. Joystick
10. Buttons
13. Power switch
14. Programming

1. Your cabinet
2. A 28 Inch gantry, to verify measure your rails they should be 28 inches from center to center that the gantry rides on. Some machines have adjustable and some do not.