CPO Art Work Printed To Air Release Vinyl + Laminated With Luster Polycarbonate

DIY Retro Arcade

SKU: A1U-Art-Poly-01

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Downoad the PSD from the control panel sales Page. We will print your art on Oracal Air Release vinyl and lamiinate it with polycarbonate (plexi will not be needed then). Please note that there is a 1/4 bleed area around the outside of the files so do not put anything important on the edge.

The polycarbonate will not be diecut. The CPO graphic will be. The polycarbonate is best left oversized so that if you are using t mold it can be folded over to the slot, then run a razor threw the slot for a perfect monut area. The t mold then will perfectely hold it down. On areas with no tmold you can fold it over the edge and tack down with staples or use like gorilla tape.

If you allow us to share your file we will only print them off. We will not give out full size graphics to anyone. IE they will only be used by Us.