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AtGames Legends Connect Full Install Kit For Arcade1Up Horizontal Machines

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Here is what the kit includes:


1. AtGames Legends Connect (Details Here)
2. Atgames Legends Harness
3. Two Genuine Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
4. Two Black Bat Tops
5. 16 Buttons (6 Red 6 Blue 4 White)
6. Two 3 or 4 Inch Speakers
7. Front Speaker Panel for Two 4 Inch Speakers
8. 5.3A Power Supply
9. US Power Cord
10. 2 Way Splitter
11. HDMI Cable

What Else Is Needed?

LCD Driver If Using Factory LCD: HERE (fits all A1U 17" LCD will not work on the 16.7")

For Wave1/2/3 machines you will need a J panel to mount the speakers. See HERE

For Cabaret machine you will not need a speaker panel, please reuse the factory one and select the cabaret option as we will need to send a 3" speaker vs 4"

For Legacy machines we do not have a speaker panel as of this time but will have one soon.

8x #8 x 3/4 nuts and bolts (for speakers)
6x #8 x 3/8 screw (for game board and joysticks)

Shipping And Handling Times

All Hard Parts Are Shipped Within 24 Hours Monday Thur Friday If Purchased Before Noon CST. Custom Order Items Are Generally Shipped Within 7 Days