412 in 1 pcb Game Elf Vertical Arcade Multigame JAMMA Game Board

Game Elf

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Upgrade your 60-in-1JAMMA PCB with the new 412-in-1 Classic arcade JAMMA PCB for your vertical displaying JAMMA cabinet. This highly exciting new multigame PCB can display to your existing arcade CGA or VGA monitor (without the need for a video converter!). Also this great board will work in either your upright JAMMA cabinet or cocktail table JAMMA machine.Play the classics such as Ms. Pacman, Pacman, Kangaroo, Galaga (My personal favorite!), and more;


  • Universal JAMMA Connector User-friendly game selection screen
  • Free Play or Quarter/Token option
  • Supports VGA and CGA (resolution) monitors
  • Supports Upright and Cocktail Cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player)
  • Each game is fully customizable (difficulty, game speed, number of lives, etc.)
  • Enable/Disable specific games
  • Standard JAMMA video output to VGA output (hook PC monitor directly)
  • Uses standard arcade power supply or ATX PC power supply (with standard 4-pin molex connector)
  • Latest version now can use a standard arcade type trackball
  • Some JAMMA Harness may need modified

Technical Notes: Some Jamma harnesses NOT supplied by us have pins 27 and 28 wired to ground, For proper operation of the 412-IN-1 PCB if this pins are wired to ground on your harness you will need to remove them from both sides of the pins as this board uses these pins for button F. Failure to remove any such grounds on these pins will cause many of the games not to load.

Do NOT wire the -5 volt wire to your power supply. This board does not use -5 volt and this will cause the board not to boot!

Please note: Multi game boards balance their sound between all games on the board and therefore are known to not be an exact game sound match. Also, when the board is power down it will not store the high scores due to the large number of games.

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