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King Of Air 2 Arcade version 516 in 1 Jamma board

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3A has released its first vertical board!


  • Games can be added threw U Disk
  • Support add FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/SNES/FC.Mega Drive game
  • Resolution:1280*720p/   640*480p
  • High score record
  • USB interface(use U disk to add games)
  • Game classification function
  • HDMI VGA ouptut(when HDMI & VGA are insert at the same time, only HDMI single is output)
  • Custom button support
  • These are bare units as shown.

There are some 2 player head to head games on this unit but most are turn based. If you want to play head to head games you will need

2 x joysticks
11 x buttons (4 action per player + 2 x player select & 1x coin)

If single then

1 x joystick
7 x buttons (4 action + 2 x player select & 1x coin)

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Customer Reviews

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I can’t figure out how to reset the game once I’m in one..

How do you reset a game.. this device is cool.. but that’s the only problem I have when it’s in my cab..

Check the manual, depending on if you use a coin button there is a series of buttons to hold to exit the game.

Brian S
Improved King of Air Board

I've bought two of these boards now and I've logged a lot of hours with it. It's basically a vertical Pandora Box DX despite the pictures showing King of Air branding everywhere online. The sound is better than the previous Air Attack III board I bought last year, with games such as Super Contra no longer having the slowed soundtrack issues. The game list is pretty much all your ever need for a vertical cabinet - the first part of the list starts out with the 60 in 1 games we all know and love, followed by a bunch of bizarre and wonderful 80s vertical games and rounded out with mostly the identical 100-something games from the Air Attack III board. Really the onky games from that board that arent included are Raiden II and Raiden DX... from what I can tell at least. That brings me to one of the issues - I can't seem to add games. If you take out the SD card you'll be surprised to see that it's loaded with the same 3000 games as the Pandora DX, deleted and adding games through SD and USB doesnt seem to affect anything, I dont really get it, and I have no issues adding games to Pandora DX so it must operate differently. Final issue I have is that even though the screen smoothing in the options is turned off and non-selectable, there definitely is a screen filter bring applied and it looks bad on the older games. Thankfully it doesn't look as noticeable on the 90s era shooters. These are really my only issues... Would be nice to get Contra on there, so if anyone ever masters the art of adding games to this hopefully they post a tutorial!