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Arcade Classics 60 In 1 PCB w/ CGA VGA Jamma Vertical AC708

Original price $39.99 - Original price $39.99
Original price
$39.99 - $39.99
Current price $39.99
  • Universal JAMMA Connector
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Free Play or Quarter/Token Option
  • New High Score Saver
  • Supports CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) Monitors
  • Supports Upright and Cocktail Cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player)
  • Supports Trackball and/or Joystick Controls
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games ·Standard JAMMA video output or VGA output (hook PC monitor up directly)
  • Uses standard arcade power supply or AT PC power supply (with standard 4-pin molex connector, the same used for hard drives/cd rom drives)
Product Specifications:

1. Suitable for one/two players.
2. Display Resolution: 800 x 640 ( vertical orientated monitor )
3. Voltage: 5V/12V
4. I/O Interface:
1 x JAMMA interface
1 x VGA connector
1 x Audio connector
2 x Trackball connectors
5. Size: about 143 * 110 mm / 5.63 * 4.33 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing for Newbies!

The 60 in 1 PCB is easily one of the simplest to set up for a beginner. Giving you 55 unique games and 5 fast mode games, it's also amazing for the value at $40.

If you're new to the Arcade1up modding scene, this is one a great board you can get if you have a vertical oriented cabinet. I myself am very happy with the results on a Ms. Pac-Man A1U cabinet!

Great for the money

This pcb has been around a long time and is time tested. With the added score saver now its a real bargain considering the low price. The most popular games have been included here! One of the few drawbacks when you are not playing a game is it will not give individual previews of a single game only (It will show all 60 games a few seconds at a time). You can disable any games you want and make adjustments to difficulty etc. You can not keep one game going it will return to the main screen when your time is up. This board is well made - the only thing that will destroy it is getting voltage lines confused or crossed with other lines,12v, 6v - make sure those are correct BEFORE you attempt to power this on! There are a zillion of these now made you cant go wrong with it.

Steven Brown
60 in 1 Jamma Board

Plug and play. Works as it should. No complaints.

Jeff A Mc Daniel
Countercade 60 n 1 kit in a Partycade

I bought everything for the 60 n 1 CC kit minus the speaker panel(will not fit) and it is working like a charm in my Arcade 1Up Partycade. I am by no means an electrician but with diyretroarcade's step by step video I was able to get this thing up and running with little hassles. Now I have 7 of the 8 games already on this thing plus 53 more including Donkey Kong Galaga Dig Dug, Almost all the Pac Man games Burger Time Gyruss Phoenix 1943 Gunsmoke and many more. Having a blast with this thing!

willis moulton
First time try

everything came quickly but waiting for my son to visit before I try to mod my space invaders 1up . I hope I can use the buttons and joystick that came with it for now and get better joystick after mod. I still need the two buttons you have below the control panel for the menu. What type are they? Do I need to order them from you? did not see a listing just for them. will write more when complete late July. Looks like the space invders can be modded hope so?