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EMI Filter To Interior Surge Strip Or Power Source On And Off Button

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$26.99 - $26.99
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  • Mount The EMI filter on the outside of the cabinet
  • Gives interior female 110v plug
  • Plug Surge Strip or any other standard 110v male to the female plug
  • Keeps machine looking professional and clean
  • Includes template for cutting hole | Mounting Hardware | Cord from EMI to Wall

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
The perfect way to power up a modded cab!

I placed this on the back panel at seated arms height so I could reach around an power up/down my cab easily. It's a beautiful sight to see - everything comes to life at the same time!

Dan Aguilar
EMI filter

This was exactly what I needed. I dont mess with electricity so hacking a power strip was not what i wanted to do. This solution was just what i needed. Looks clean and professional once installed.

Eric L
EMI Filter To Interior Surge Strip Or Power Source On And Off Button Review

A must have for a 1up arcade pandora conversion. Use this to plug in your power strip and connect to your backing board. Then just plug into the wall and only need to use the on/off switch.

Clement Rousseau

made my life a lot easier when i modded my contercade

Mark Schultz

The EMI filter power switch gives my virtual pinball machine a professional look. It works perfectly and looks awesome!