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Octagonal Restrictor Gate Replaces Sanwa Denshi JLF GT-Y

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$3.49 - $3.49
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  • Replaces Sanwa Part Number:GT-Y
  • This GT-Y plate is compatible with the Sanwa JLF series joysticks:
  • JLF-TP-8YT(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8Y(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8S(-SK)
  • JLF-TM-8(-SK)
  • Quarter-circle, half-circle and full 360

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Robert Stout
Worked great !

Installed them in my MK3 cabinet and they fit and work great !

Sedat Macoglu
Works great with my Costco version of the Arcade1up Mortal Kombat

works as intended

Do not buy for Capcom fighting games.

It's a good product but stay away if you are planning on executing a lot of rolling motions like hadouken or shoryukens.
The angles interfere with the input motions and make them more difficult to execute because of the increased friction.
They're kind of a pain to remove too.

William Bassett
Nice quick upgrade

I replaced the stock Arcade1Up restrictor and spring with this one (and the 4lb springs sold here). It definitely made an improvement to the feel, but there is only so much you can do with those cheap Arcade1Up sticks. This was very quick and easy to swap and I recommend everyone look into this as an inexpensive and quick upgrade.

David Shepherd
Mortal Combat Must-have

These were super easy to upgrade and made a huge impact on game playability. Obvious "stops" help dual moves be precise. Cheapest upgrade for a big impact!